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We provide sophisticated & regulated businesses with specialized expertise in product & technical support, enabling you to focus on your core business. 

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Difficult or Technical Product?

Our Team Can Tame the Complexity

When it comes to support, one of the main challenges organizations focus on is the sheer volume of customer inquiries. But what about complex support inquiries in sophisticated or regulated industries such as Healthcare or Finance? 

Finding a support partner that can handle that complexity is difficult, as most MSPs focus on hiring low-cost labor. That's not how we do business. 

We have reputation for being efficient in other ways: highly-trained agents resolve customer issues more quickly, improving service quality while reducing headcount. Then, we maintain a 4x better retention rate than our industry peers, enabling us to reduce our staffing costs.

The result is improved service quality at competitive rates. 


Process Maturity + Technology

Let Us Upgrade Your Support Desk

Another challenge large organizations face is maintaining consistency in support offerings. As you grow, your customer base and offerings expand, leading to a complex web of customer queries and issues. 

To address this challenge, many organizations create specialized support teams for different products or services, each with their own training and resources. Instead, we resolve this issue with robust systems and processes to efficiently manage inquiries.

To find out how we're able to make such a bold promise, explore our TRACE Center of Excellence.

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Support Center Capabilities

We empower you to focus on your core competencies, while entrusting your technology support to the experts...

24/7/365 Availability

Round-the-clock customer support, which is critical for businesses that operate in different time zones

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Support

When cases require specialized knowledge or in-depth troubleshooting, we direct them to Tier 2 agents

Remote & On-Site Support

Ensuring you have hands on-site when you need them to troubleshoot and solve equipment & hardware issues

Technical & Product Support

Our agents are trained to support clients in technical, sophisticated & highly-regulated industries

Low Staff Turnover

Our employee retention rates are about 4x better than the industry average, resulting in better agent performance

Multi-Lingual Agents

Helping your business serve a global customer base by supporting multiple languages

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Featured Case Study: Technical Support

Discover how we achieved a 40% increase in customer satisfaction, while reducing costs.

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The Solugenix Advantage

Our experienced teams, proven methodology & partnership approach result in reduced risk, improved stability & more efficient operations...

Deep Technology Expertise

We aren't just another managed service provider, we're a technology consulting firm that will transform your support technology & keep it on the leading edge.

Focus on Your Core Business

Keep your focus on strategic initiatives with the understanding that your help desk will not take time & money away from your core objectives.


Solugenix is a support partner whose services scale up and down based on your business needs. We can serve rapid growth and expansion & absorb the operational risk of sourcing & retaining talent.

Reduced Year-on-Year Expenses

Combining dedicated technology experts, tools and processes with a customized approach results in lean operations with new efficiencies and predictable, fixed monthly costs that reduce year-on-year expenses.

TRACE™ Center of Excellence

Custom Solutions

Our Center of Excellence (COE) deepens its partnership with you by analyzing your current processes & applying customized solutions to deliver specific improvements.

Explore the TRACE COE

Sustainable Growth

Improvements can include everything from workforce and management training to process improvements that are sustainable and adaptable for the long haul.


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