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Mortgage Origination & Servicing

In the mortgage industry, our process maturity and platform expertise is unmatched. We literally wrote the code for the most prominent industry technologies and possess decades of stacked operational & HR efficiencies in our Center of Excellence. 

Digitize and transform your operations
Reduce time-to-close & elevate customer experiences
Improve service levels continuously with our TRACETM System

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We Keep Your Loans Moving While You Sleep

Reduce Time-to-Close & Improve Service Levels

We understand time is money. A faster time to close not only eases cashflow, but it enables you to cycle more frequently and keeps your customers happy and coming back to do more business.

With offices around the world, we're able to ensure each task is performed optimally and on a 24-hour clock. We play mortgage hot potato, because we know that's where the value is.

But economics isn't really your concern — you want to know about our quality and process maturity. In other words, can we improve your service level efficiency and ROI at the same time?


Unrivaled Platform Expertise & Process Maturity

We Take On Your Operational, HR & Legal Risks

The number of black belt skillsets required to compete in mortgage ops is immense and the sheer volume of staff requires you to accept significant HR & legal risk. We can confidently shoulder those responsibilities, because we know how to perform the job better than anyone. 

As the original tech consulting firm, we have more than 50 years of process development and expertise, which manifests itself in countless details of execution. For example, our staff retention rate remains 3-4x better than average, so we are more experienced, better trained and happier when growing your business.

However, mature processes and HR rigor aren't enough today. You also need to leverage automation and predictive analytics while they still confer an advantage. And when it comes to mortgage technology (MSPs/LOSs/etc), other partners can't compete — they're certified on platforms we wrote the code for.

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Some of Our Capabilities


We'll complete all document preparation & perform a loan quality review before it goes to underwriting


We free your underwriters to focus on final approvals, with all the stacking & decision making performed by our team


Our automation experts ensure your loans move fast, with perfect precision & at incredible rates of efficiency.

Document & Data Perfection

All document indexing & data extraction is completed by our expert team, with the capacity for 8,000+ documents per day

Loan Servicing & Management 

We do it all: statements, payments, records, collections, taxes, insurance, escrow funds, remittances & customer service

Compliance & Quality Control

Get due diligence & quality control for all loan types based on regulatory & investor guidelines, including pre-fund & post-close

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What You Can Expect

A Complete Mortgage Operations Upgrade



We know time is money, which is why we prioritize turnaround time and keep your loans moving while your competitors sleep.


Digital Transformation

Stop playing catch-up — with our background in mortgage platforms & digital technologies, we'll help you skip the line.


Service-Level Efficiency

We set competitive SLAs and then blow them out of the water. Our secret: we focus on building the people who build your business.

Our Center of Excellence

Every facet of our service operation has been scrutinized and optimized based on unique framework for continuous optimization: TRACETM

Rapidly Digitize Operations

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, we'll bring your mortgage operations to the leading edge.

Explore the TRACE COE

Continuous Optimization

Engineering is in our DNA. By learning, experimenting, documenting & then scaling, we improve methodically & consistently.

Explore our Optimization Framework

Why Choose Solugenix?

In this time of uncertainty, brands are shifting focus to risk management. When you partner with us, we address the biggest risk categories: operational, regulatory and HR.

Technology Enablement

Our technology & platform experts will digitally transform your mortgage operations & ensure you're on the leading edge of what's possible.

Reporting & Analytics

We measure the past with an eye to the future, so while we focus on our KPIs, we also offer predictive analytics to help you plan with confidence.

Auditing & Quality Assurance

We specialize in tightly-regulated industries and possess the training & process rigor you need in a partner.

Continuous Service Improvements

The world is dynamic, so if you aren't constantly improving, you're constantly falling behind. 

Education & Training

Our process begins with an expert trainer updating our proven mortgage training curriculum based on the nuances of your business.

Recruitment & HR Management

This volatile job market puts stress on your recruitment team, while rising staff levels lead to increased legal risk. We have the expertise to manage both.

Partners & Certifications 

Check out some of our valued industry partners and a handful of the relevant certifications commonly held by members of our team

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