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Leverage the value of our TRACESM Center of Excellence to drive successful outcomes for your customers.

Our Center of Excellence

Every facet of our service operation has been scrutinized and optimized based on unique framework for continuous optimization: TRACE

Rapidly Digitize Operations

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, we'll bring your operations to the leading edge.

Continuous Optimization

Engineering is in our DNA. By learning, experimenting, documenting & then scaling, we improve methodically & consistently.

Explore our Optimization Framework

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Technology Enablement

Our technology & platform experts will digitally transform your operations & ensure you're on the leading edge of what's possible.

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Reporting & Analytics

We measure the past with an eye to the future, so while we focus on our KPIs, we also offer predictive analytics to help you plan with confidence.

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Auditing & Quality Assurance

We specialize in tightly-regulated industries and possess the training & process rigor you need in a partner.

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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

The world is dynamic, so if you aren't constantly improving, you're constantly falling behind.

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Education & Training

Education & Ongoing Training

Our process begins with an expert trainer updating our proven training curriculum based on the nuances of your business.

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(1) Technology Enablement


Solugenix RPA helps organizations increase productivity and move into the next stage of the business process evolution,


We help new and existing ServiceNow customers apply best practices to customer experiences, service workflows and employee satisfaction.


Read your customer's mind: predict churn, automate segmentation, personalize content and more using Big Data and Machine Learning.

Solugenix Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

According to McKinsey, nearly 45% of business tasks can be automated based on business rules. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) empowers you to begin that process in a cost-effective and non-invasive way.

  • IT Processes: Password resets, server disk space clean-up, file monitoring, SQL queries automation, remote service restart
  • Dual-Purpose Audits: Calculate whether the price and quantity are different across sales invoices, sales orders, and shipping documents
  • Compliance: AML/KYC, rule monitoring and compliance reporting
  • Phone Interactions: Translate voice to digital for automation
  • Accounting & Admin: Asset and cash reconciliations, client onboarding and fund setup, and fund accounting/NAV calculation
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ServiceNow Support Services by Solugenix

We bring decades of IT Service Management and Customer Service Management expertise to all our engagements. Combined with process maturity, this ensures successful and efficient ServiceNow platform implementations.

Solugenix specializes in working with technology-driven industries, and we understand what your business requires to deliver exceptional experiences.

  • Product Licenses
  • Implementation Services
  • Staff Augmentation & Support Services
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ciPARTHENON: Our Proprietary Predictive Analytics Platform

Ready to leverage or transition over to a scalable Big Data architecture? With our cloud-based platform, we can get your predictive analytics program implemented quickly, so you can take advantage of real-time updates that deliver actionable insights. 

But the biggest benefit? The immense cost savings.

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(2) Rigorous Reporting & Analytics

We provide 3 levels of analysis, based on your KPIs and SLAs: Operational Analytics (Lv1), Performance Analytics (Lv2) and Predictive Analytics (Lv3)

Call Assessment & User Experience

Boosting customer experience consistently through feedback and training

Promoter Score (NPS) or CSAT

Improvements in delivery should be reflected in rising scores...or they're not improvements


Every Situation Reported Within 24 Hours

Regulatory compliance and reporting is always a point of focus

Monthly Call SLA

We'll maintain and exceed our expected monthly service level for inbound calls

First Call Resolution

We've identified first-call resolution as a key SLA for ensuring contact center quality

Call Abandonment Rate

One of our core KPIs, we ensure low abandonment rates through speed and service quality

Voicemail Management

We ensure that a minimum of calls ever reach voicemail — but when they do, we respond promptly

Training Competence

We'll track the completion rate of agent credentialing prior to operational support

Average Handling Time

A KPI that provides balance alongside first-call resolution, ensuring service speed and quality

Auditing & Compliance

(3) Auditing & Regulatory Compliance

Actionable data centered on People, Process & Technology

We keep an inventory of all auditable areas to align with Quality Assurance processes and ensure governance is met, grouping our audit activities into three buckets: agent performance, support center performance and compliance audits.

Agent performance is tracked through agent score cards and walk-the-floor monitoring. Score cards include call monitoring, ticket reviews, and contact metrics.

Our support center performance is tracked using aging ticket reviews, daily operational reviews of SLAs and KPIs, queue monitoring, and CSAT surveys.

To ensure regulatory compliance, we begin all engagements by identifying all auditable areas, such as HIPAA, FDA, SEC, and more. Then we perform regular internal audits on both documentation and processes to ensure consistency with the regulations. We maintain compliance artifacts in case there's ever a need for review.

Continuous Improvement

(4) Continuous Improvement Through Innovation

Optimization is in our DNA

Our team includes experts in Agile, Six-Sigma, Value-Stream Mapping, HDI, ITIL, Kaizen Method, and more. 

We are constantly experimenting and re-engineering processes, especially in response to technology improvements.However, mature processes and training rigor aren't enough today. You also need to leverage technologies such as automation and predictive analytics while they still confer an advantage.

We continuously train staff on customer service, case handling and trends in the industry, while simultaneously evaluating emerging technologies to further reduce costs, improve customer experiences and mitigate risk. 

(5) Education, Training & Resource Ramping

With over 50 years of operational & HR expertise, we know how to scale up quickly


Train the Trainer

A relevant industry SME will work with your team to understand your systems & update our training curriculum & Knowledge Base

Week 1-2

Classroom Training

With their new curriculum, our trainer will begin daily lessons around key training subjects, including job roles & compliance

Week 2-4


Each trainee is assigned an experienced mentor to shadow and begin applying what’s been learned

Week 4

Final Testing

Trainees must pass both written exams and mock calls to demonstrate proficiency before they are allowed to participate in real-life customer interactions

Week 5+

On-the-Job Training

Team members begin to perform tasks while shadowed by their mentor, who provides real-time feedback and support to ensure we reach our KPIs starting Day 1

Partners & Certifications 

Check out some of our valued industry partners and a handful of the relevant certifications commonly held by members of our team

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